Stray Reclaim









Proof of ownership is required to claim any pet that has come in as a stray

Return to Owner Fees, may include any or all of the following charges:

  • Handling fee: $25.00
  • Pick up fee: $25.00 (if applicable)
  • Rabies Vaccine certificate: $20.00 (if animal is not current)- repeat offenders will be ticketed by the Marshalltown Police Department or Marshall County Sheriff Department under Marshalltown Code of Ordinances and/or State of Iowa codes
  • Distemper Vaccine: $20.00 (if animal is not current)
  • Boarding: $15.00 per day.
  • After Hours Fee: $25.00 (if animal was picked up or brought to us outside our regular business hours)
  • Dog At Large citations can/will be issued by law enforcement and will include additional fees


If your pet is microchipped and reclaimed within the first 24 hours, the handling fee of $25 will be waived. Microchipping services are available at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown for $30.