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Mission Statement

The mission of the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown is to provide a safe haven for lost, homeless, and abused companion animals; to help reunite lost companion animals with their family; to find new homes for adoptable and abandoned animals; and to aid in strengthening the human to animal bond.

Vision Statement

It is the Vision of the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown to have a community where no companion animal is left to starve and fend for itself; where euthanasia is not necessary, other than for severe behavior and medical issues; and where companion animals have a comfortable and loving place to life until a permanent home can be found.

Our History

In 1947, a special committee was formed at the request of the city council to address the problem of dogs running at large in the city of Marshalltown. At that time, the “city pound” consisted of a wire enclosure at the city dump. Concerned citizens joined the committee and presented a solution to the council; to form a private, non-profit corporation to provide an appropriate shelter for the housing and care of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. On January 2, 1948, the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown was incorporated.

In 1957, five acres of land and $2,500 was donated by one of the original board members, Ralph McCague, to build a physical shelter. That land was located on East Olive St. in Marshalltown. In 1961, the Marshalltown School District announced their intent to build a new high school on East Olive St. and the Board of the Animal Rescue League was asked to sell their five acres to the school. The two groups were able to come to an agreement, and once again the Animal Rescue League had no home, much like the animals they hoped to serve.

The search for a proper location continued, and on January 10, 1962, the ARL purchased 17 acres of rolling land, located four miles north-east of Marshalltown. The land was barren and did not contain a building structure to serve as either a shelter or home for the superintendent, but those problems were quickly rectified.

Since opening its doors, the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown has been under virtually constant renovation, quickly outgrowing the space created with each building project. Major renovations occured in 1964, 1966, 1970, 1981, 1992, 2003, and 2012. In the future, we hope to continue this trend for expansion to allow us to help the maximum number of pets in Marshall County.

Today, we maintain our 501 (c)3 non-profit status and are run on donations from the community. We strive to reunite lost animals and find loving homes for the 1,000+ animals that enter our building each year.