Adoption Process

  1. Come out and visit the pets at the ARL.

Making the decision to adopt a pet is a serious and life-long commitment. Everyone in the household should be in agreement on getting a pet and everyone should be a part of the decision.


  1. Submit an Adoption Application for the pet that best fits your family.                    (Must be opened in desktop, not mobile)

Each of our adoptable pets have unique personalities, so it is important that you spend time with pets you are seriously considering.


  1. Wait 24 hours for your application to be processed.

Every adopter goes through a thorough background check to ensure our pets are going to good homes. Use this time to really think about your decision and prepare your home for your new family member.


  1. Call to check the status of your application.

If you’ve been approved, set up a time to come pick up your new pet!


  1. Take them home!

By far the most exciting step of the process is getting to take your new pet home. Come prepared with either a carrier or a collar and leash. We will send you home with all the important information you need to know, like their medical information, microchip information, and how to adjust your pet to their new home.


  1. Set up a veterinary appointment.

Establish a relationship with your veterinarian and get your pet looked over in the first ten days. We want all of our pets to live long and healthy lives and veterinary care is an integral part of that.


  1. Send us updates!

We love to hear from our ARL alumni. Send us a message on our Facebook page and have your pet’s success story featured!