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Our Fees

Surrendering your animal to us:
Surrendering a pet is final, please be sure to consider your situation carefully before bringing your pet to us. Surrendering a pet is a legal process and the owner of the pet must be present at the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown to sign over ownership. 

When you surrender your pet to us we will ask you some basic questions regarding the animal and the situation that requires you to bring your pet to us.  The more complete and honest information you can provide, the better the chance we have of finding the pet a new and loving home.   Copies of records from your veterinarian are also very helpful to us.   We can not guarantee that we will be able find a new home for your pet.  Once you surrender your pet to us, the Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown will not give out information regarding the status of that pet.  You are encouraged to leave information for the future guardian that may help them to bond with their new pet.


Surrender Fees in Marshall County

Surrender Fees for outside Marshall County:



Return to Owner Fees, may include all or part of any of the following charges:


Bite Case Confinement Fees:

Owners are responsible for all of the applicable charges regarding owned animals that have bitten under State of Iowa code.  Arrangements need to be made to pick up the animal within 24 hours of the end of the 10 day confinement.  Animal not picked up at the end of the ten day confinement will be considered abandoned.  Owners will be charged with all applicable disposal fees in addition to all applicable service fees- we do not adopt out bite case animals.

Private Cremations and Burials in our Pet Cemetery: